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E-Library System

E-library system makes the work of a person who is in charge of the library more convenient to search, arrange and make an inventory of the contents of the library. The e-Library system is a web based system developed to meet the needs and demands of the library operations today. It allows you to check your library operations anytime and anywhere.
Online libraries became essential source for both faculty and research members in order to obtain knowledge about different fields of sciences. Students all over the world are using for their researches the materials available on online libraries so that they can accomplish their tasks and day-to-day researches.
Users will provide their name, address, phone number, when signing up for a library account. They will then be assigned a unique user name and ID number, plus a temporary password that will have to be changed. Checkout operations will require a library account, as will requests to put the book on hold. Each library account will have its own fines, but active fines on any of a user's account will prevent the user from using the library's services.